Wall Insulation Contractors in Charleston, SC

Wall insulation is key to 24/7 energy efficiency and comfort in a Charleston home or building. While it’s best to install the ideal type and amount of insulation while a home is being built, it’s never too late to increase insulation or re-insulate with modern materials.

IBP Charleston can evaluate your walls to offer solutions for improvement or install the right new insulation for your new construction.

We receive bulk-buying discounts, and we love to pass the savings along to our customers!

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Benefits of Wall Insulation

Considering most Charleston homes predate the people living in them, your wall insulation probably needs retrofitting or replacement. Home insulation keeps heat from escaping in winter, but that’s only one of the many benefits of a properly insulated home.

Other advantages include:

  • Keeping your home cooler in summer
  • Better humidity control
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Lowering the cost of heating and cooling, and extending the life of your heating and AC system

It isn’t just your outer walls that need insulating. Insulating your home’s inner walls muffles and prevents sound from carrying. Improved insulation means that a baby napping upstairs won’t wake up crying if you drop a handful of silverware in the kitchen.

Call (888) 907-3090 or contact us online to find out what IBP Charleston can do for your home’s wall insulation.

Signs You Need To Add Wall Insulation

There are many signs that indicate a need for additional wall insulation. Here are the nine most common signs:

  1. Your energy bills are too high or have been increasing more than they should over time.
  2. In winter, your heater can’t keep you warm.
  3. Your home gets very hot in summer. Foil insulation is a great option for subtropical climates like Charleston, as it reflects heat away from your home.
  4. If your walls are cold to the touch in winter.
  5. You can feel a hot or cool draft with the doors and windows closed.
  6. The temperature fluctuates according to the weather outside rather than your thermostat settings.
  7. Different rooms in your house have noticeably different temperatures.
  8. You hear mice or squirrels running through the walls.
  9. Although Charleston weather rarely drops below freezing, having your pipes freeze during a cold snap means you need more wall insulation. Under-insulated walls also make the water from your faucets excessively cold.

If you recognize any of these signs, call IBP Charleston at (888) 907-3090 or contact us online to have your walls properly insulated.

Insulation Installation in Charleston

IBP Charleston has the expertise to handle any residential or commercial insulation needs.

Not only can we easily meet Charleston County code requirements, but we can also exceed the bare minimum to give you the most energy and money-saving insulation options available.

Types of Insulation for Charleston Homes

We use a variety of modern insulation materials for our customers in Charleston and the Lowcountry areas, including:

The expert insulation installers with IBP Charleston would never offer one-size-fits-all wall insulation. We’ll discuss your goals and carefully inspect your home to determine what type and how much insulation you need.

Call IBP Charleston at (888) 907-3090 or contact us online today.

Trust IBP Charleston for Wall Insulation

Our insulation solutions at IBP Charleston are backed by our experience and integrity. We understand the needs of Charleston homeowners and builders, but we also know that every customer and job is unique.

Our wall installation technicians are good communicators who will make sure to not only meet your expectations but go above and beyond what’s required.

IBP Charleston offers top-quality work and world-class products at a fair price.

Call (888) 907-3090 or contact us online.

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